Adam Linn

When I first met you I was at the lowest point of my life. Everything I knew and loved was taken from me and it seemed like there was no way out, and then God gave me you. If it werent for the Well I would not be the manI am today standing on this mountain yelling "I love you God and i am not worthy of your love". God can take the worst nightmare imaginable and turn it into a beautiful dream. He uses open hearted selfless people like you to do this. Thank you for everything you are to me, and you will be rewarded. I love you with all my heart and we will cherish our relationship for eternity.

Tom Carroll

I was born and raised in a small town in Holland. I had a pretty good childhood and was raised by loving parents. I was being raised as a Christian and we went to church every sunday. Nevertheless I did not have a relationship with God or any concept of him being real.

When I was around 14 years of age I started to rebel. I started smoking and doing drugs (first marihuana later hard drugs). I had friends who were influencing me with a worldly perspective and I fell away into a world of sin and depression. When I was around 20 years of age I suddenly had enough of that lifestyle and cut of all my relationships and left that scene. I quit drugs, went back to school, graduated and started working in advertising.

After working for 4,5 years I felt like my life was meaningless and empty and I started to get more interested in God. It started with a few discussions at home (my whole family were Christians, they can’t all be mad right?). At one point I overheard my mom and sister talking about a worship conference because they had a spare ticket. Out of the blue I asked: “can I come?”. I know this was the Holy Spirit inspiring me. So I went with them and it was two days of intense worship led by the Jonathan David Helser band. The presence of the Lord was thick in the room. He touched my heart in those two days and I never the same again. I could not stop smiling, crying and heard heavenly music all day long. When we returned home, at night in my bedroom, I prayed the sinners prayer and gave my life to the Lord.

A couple of months later, through bizarre circumstances obviously inspired by God, I went to the Inheriting the Nations School (INS) in New-Zealand run by Fatherheart ministries. This school transformed my heart through teaching and soaking and just spending time with Him in beauty of His creation. Here I was brought into a deep relationship with God and I came to know Him as my Father. I came into sonship realising that Jesus came and showed us the way (John 14:6). As I come back to Him over and over again His love keeps changing my heart more. I never wanted to obey rules or to be under religion. That’s why I rebelled at that early age. I would never have dreamed though that in love there is more freedom than any lawlessness can ever give you.

In this INS school I was asked by Dass (staff member of the school) to join him and a few others in an adventure in Africa. We went to Uganda to help out in a youth camp for children of the streets or ex-child soldiers organized by Mto Moyoni. This was an amazing month and it impacted not only the children but also the staff in a significant way.