Who are we:

Who are living in The Well: Dave en Yvonne Carroll together with their 5 children and often guests who stay for a while, Live in 2/3 rd of the beautifull farmhouse in the countryside of Bernheze in the village of Heeswijk-Dinther. Our background is Charismatic Catholics and we heared the calling from the Lord for unity in His Body, to bring together the different churches into One.

We do this by having meetings in our house where people from different church backgrounds come together to enjoy God's presence and drink from The Well.
We are also connected with the Fatherheartministries from James and Denise Jordan and Jeff and Sylvia Scaldwell, by helping regularly with schools when they are in Holland or other nations.
We are members of Fatherheartworld, a network of people over the world who carry this message and minister this in various places.

How did The Well come to life:

Two friends of us lived in South-Africa and Froukje the woman had a dream there and the Lord spoke to her and said that they had to move back to Holland, and get there in contact with Catholic Charismatics. At that moment Yvonne was in a Charismatic prayergroup and so she met them there. The calling of our friends Froukje and Fritjov was to come to Holland and start a Stichting called The Airbridge, Wich had the purpose to be a bridge between the different churches and denominations. We started going to their meetings and learned and received a lot from the Lord there. After a while they started to bring the speakers also into our house and so started the meetings in the place we then lived. One of the first speakers they brought to us where Giancarlo and Catherine Elia from England, and that night Giancarlo prophecied that The Well would start and that many would come to it to drink from it. And also that this prophecie was not only for that evening but also for a time that was to come!

At that time we lived in a small village in de Bommelerwaard called Well, he didn't know this! After about 12 years the meetings are well visited and people drive long distances just to be at a meeting here. And to receive a touch from God's presence! The longing in our hearts is that many can come to receive from the Father here and then go to their own surroundings to share what they received.

A little bit of history:

On our land their was another farm wich burned down in the sixties, in this farm General Montgomery signed the papers to free this whole area from the Germans in secret. When I asked the Lord why this happened here, He said as I freed this land during the war from this place in the natural, so also will I free this land in the spiritual from this place, this is a historic ground that I have choosen for this purpose.